Engineer & Owner

Mike Harvey graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2001 receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a concentration in violin, and a Minor in Business. He has had formal instruction in studio recording and MIDI production, including training in Digital Performer and Pro Tools. He worked as a teacher assistant for Electronic Music, Music Technologies, and Recording Techniques classes at Loyola University. He has worked at other local studios including Stonee’s Studio and Down ‘N’ Dirty Records Recording Studio. He completed his Masters degree in Jazz Studies at The University of New Orleans in 2010. His wide variety of work experience includes classical music, jazz, heavy metal, hip-hop, indie rock and film sound, holding various roles in the production process, including recording, editing, mixing, writing, arranging, and producing. He has run his own studio since 1998, always keeping up with all of the latest technological developments in the industry. He performs frequently as a violinist and guitarist, with his own gypsy swing ensemble, The Courtyard Kings, and with a country band, Nola County. He can also be heard with Orange Kellin’s New Orleans Deluxe Orchestra, and as a musician for hire in various other projects. He has also been a lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for an original rock band, Dayjob. Along with audio engineering and performing, he teaches a handful of guitar and violin lessons privately.

Freelance Engineers

Nola Recording Studios is available for use by qualified freelance engineers who are interested in bringing their projects to our facility. Call or email for details.