About the Studio


NOLA Recording Studios is a new recording studio for the new New Orleans. Since 1998, owner Mike Harvey served New Orleans area clients at Nashville Ave Sound Recording. Hurricane Katrina flooded the studio, destroying some of the equipment and ending the use of that location. However, this provided an opportunity for a newer, better studio to be built in the heart of mid-city. The new studio, now dubbed NOLA Recording Studios, serves to propel New Orleans to the cutting edge of music and sound production techniques, giving clients modern tools for creative expression and efficient operation, all while keeping the friendly, relaxing atmosphere that is uniquely New Orleans.

The New Age of Music Creation & Audio Production

NOLA Recording Studios is designed to enable clients to use today’s tools for music creation. Many of our clients work in a home studio with a computer or portable multi-track recorder, allowing endless time for the creative process. Our services pick up where your home studio leaves off. Maybe you want to track a live band, vocals, drums, piano or other acoustic instruments using our 32 channels of input with 13 Neve- designed Focusrite ISA series pre-amps. Are you creating music on a computer, but need more or better virtual instruments… or real instruments for that matter? Some clients use us solely for our mix-down and mastering services, which utilize an extensive collection of effects plug-ins, serious monitor speakers, and an engineer who knows how to use them. Contact us today and we can help you prepare for sessions and organize time, so you work efficiently and comfortably. The sound of your final product is what matters most and our services are capable of the high standards that are the 'industry' sound of New York, L.A. and Nashville. Just listen to some of our work and see for yourself.

NOLA Studio
NOLA Studio