NOLA Studio
NOLA Recording Studios is a new recording studio for the new New Orleans. Since 1998, owner Mike Harvey served New Orleans area clients at Nashville Ave Sound Recording. Hurricane Katrina flooded the studio, destroying some of the equipment and ending the use of that location. However, this provided an opportunity for a newer, better studio to be built in the heart of mid-city. The new studio, now dubbed NOLA Recording Studios, serves to propel New Orleans to the cutting edge of music and sound production techniques, giving clients modern tools for creative expression and efficient operation, all while keeping the friendly, relaxing atmosphere that is uniquely New Orleans.
  • 32 track input recording simultaneously into your choice of industry leading Mac DAWs: Pro Tools 9 Complete, Logic Pro 9, Digital Performer 7
  • Film & Video sound recording, mixing & post production
  • Auralex® acoustically treated studio and control rooms
  • Flexible signal routing for superior headphone monitoring with effects
  • Integrated MIDI and audio setup with complete automation and recall
  • Inexpensive DVD-R, CD-R or Hard Disk storage media
NOLA Studio NOLA Studio